Open Pass and Tourism

Open Pass is our flagship software for the Tourism industry handling tickets, itineraries and passes – purchase through to fulfilment.

  1. TWG offers a complete range of software solutions to Destination Management Organisations (DMOs, such as Tourist Information Centres), tourist Attractions and third-party Vendors of tickets including Travel Agents, Hotels and Travel Websites.
  2. Open Pass connects DMOs, attractions, vendors and buyers together. For the tourist it allows entry into a large range of attractions whilst handling all the background financial transactions.
  3. We work with many of the large DMOs in the UK, including Oxford, Cambridge, York, Stratford-upon-Avon and Edinburgh; the software can be applied to single tickets sales through to carefully assembled city passes and itinerary based solutions.

Open Pass presents each organisation with a different portal

Each of our users gets a User Interface tailored to their specific needs.

  • Enable entries

    Open Pass tracks entries into attractions – whether the visitor presents a pass, ticket or itinerary.

  • Easy Recording

    The portal allows for quick codes to be verified or for QR codes to be scanned using webcams or through our dedicated mobile app.

  • Built for Gate Staff

    During high season tourism can be high turnover – the software is intuitive, requiring little to no training.

  • Sell Tickets, Passes and Itineraries

    Open Pass gives the vendor the ability to sell any combination of tickets, whether a package of pre-defined itineraries or individual sales.

  • Financials Managed

    Take payment through your own systems or through our portal. All the financials from customer through to reconciliation with attractions are handled.

  • Link to our API

    Open Pass integrates with websites and sales systems to allow automated orders and communication for booking requests.

  • Create Product for your Region

    Open Pass provides the final commercial step in converting great marketing and product creation into bookable product.

  • Make your Region Accessible

    Represent your destination – and convert that interest into sales and bookings for your attractions and tourism.

  • Demonstrate Value

    Be able to clearly indicate the impact your DMO has on the region with throughput of sales and commissionable product.