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Technical Stuff

We are cloud and website developers. In the wide range of services that IT companies provide this means we write and sell code rather than design/support/reselling of other people’s software.

Our development is always focused on cloud based technologies whether an internal system for a company to manage projects or an external website for clients.


A lot of our development is presented through web browsers and we are very good at designing user interface for this but for public facing websites we take our clients designs and implement them. As a metaphor an architect designs your house but we build it – converting designs into a working and interactive website.

Servers, Code and Hosting

All our development is built upon Microsoft technology. This means our servers are Windows Server and the generally our code is ASP.Net.


Always important with any IT systems whether your internal computers or cloud based systems that we provide. Physically our servers are in undisclosed server farms based around the UK. Only restricted IPs can get database level access. Our web systems are all SSL encrypted and passwords stored as SALT encryption to mitigate brute force attacks.

All our software is based on up to date Microsoft software instead of open source technologies which we feel gives a greater peace of mind around security.