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​Why use TWG

All business have different requirements, TWG Systems understand this and offer services that will cater for small to medium sized business. TWG Systems provides smaller companies the same benefits that larger companies gain from IT systems.

Our Company Style

TWG Systems operate by a series of philosophies that help us provide the best solutions to our clients.

Not reinventing the wheel

A lot of time and money is wasted by developing solutions and systems that already exist. TWG use Microsoft SharePoint and Microsoft Office to deliver business solutions. We know and understand the capabilities of these products. This ensures our solutions use these products to their fullest instead of writing new code or systems unnecessarily. This saves us time supporting developments and saves our clients’ money.

Our projects are built for the client

SharePoint is software package that can be adopted to many different companies. The configuration of it needs to be specific to your company. This is the same for small companies as for large ones. TWG Systems map out the solution before touching the software to ensure you get what you want and we do not spend time developing incorrectly

TWG Systems will:

  • Deliver clear and simple business IT strategy based on your company.
  • Use tried and tested Microsoft Technology to maintain business continuity.
  • Create high quality systems tailored to the needs of a small business

To do this we:

  • Establish the scope and requirements of the project
  • Draw up a written specification setting out our suggested approach
  • Provide and work to a schedule of work
  • Give you a great intranet system beyond your expectations